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Our Services


Prenatal Care

We recommend the standard schedule for prenatal appointments.  In addition to providing satellite locations to decrease driving distances when possible, we also offer kits for virtual visits during the third trimester which include: measuring tape, doppler, pulse/oximeter, and blood pressure cuff. 


Homebirth/ Waterbirth

We provide homebirth services.  We bring the pool, hoses, and faucet attachments if you wish to use our pool for hydrotherapy during labor and/or waterbirth.  We do a home visit during the last trimester to help you choose the best location.


Postpartum Care

We return to your home on day 2-3 to reassess and reweigh your baby, finalize the birth certificate, do the Neonatal Screen (PKU), hearing screen, and CCHD.  We provide you with documentation to take with you to baby's first newborn checkup.  

We provide prenatal, homebirth (waterbirth option), and postpartum services.
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